Exciting updates about the website!

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful summer! I’m really excited to announce some updates in the website and my nutritional therapy practice. Read on to learn about the improvements in the Your Probiotic Kitchen site and about the new website for my nutritional therapy practice.

Big transitionsUpdates: new logo

The Your Probiotic Kitchen website now focuses on food sourcing and food preparation. Thus, you’ll find the expanded recipe section even more user-friendly than before. Additionally, the blog archive remains as a resource on functional health.

The new Build Nurture Restore website centers around my work with clients. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter on the new site so you don’t miss my future posts!

Other updates

Pre-conception preparation is a pillar of my practice. My Feed Your Fertile Body! program has helped many couples conceive healthy babies. Now, dozens of my colleagues are using the program in their own practices. Additionally, the Nutritional Therapy Association has approved my program for continuing education units! Make sure you check out the Feed Your Fertile Body! site to learn more!



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