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Exciting updates about the website!
I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful summer! I’m really excited to announce some updates in the website and my nutritional
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Checks and Balances: Vitamin D, hormonal health and copper
Vitamin D is so ubiquitous in today’s healthcare that it is virtually the medical equivalent of Halloween candy. Yes, low levels
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Cleaner laundry options for your non-toxic home
Welcome to the third part of the ongoing series on non-toxic home and body care. We’ll take a close look
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Non-toxic body care
Non-toxic body care is easier and much more affordable than you may think. The numerous chemicals in common body care
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Clean up your act: detoxifying your home and body care routine
A lot of my clients work very hard on cleaning up their diet. They remove processed foods with artificial flavorings, dyes
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mercury in children
Patterns of mercury exposure in children
During early childhood, mercury exposure can disrupt your health and development even in amounts that may seem negligible. I covered
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Mercury exposure: some considerations for pregnancy
Mercury is an extremely toxic element with detrimental effects of every system in the body. Mercury easily enters the body, but it
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Amalgam fillings: a source of chronic mercury poisoning
In the previous newsletter, I introduced the topic of mercury’s effect on nutrients in the body. This issue in the
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Mercury depletes nutrients
I didn’t have access to regular dental care as a kid. When I was 18, I went to the dentist and got
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Make lasting changes
It’s easier to set goals than it is to make changes. Here we are, at the start of a brand-new year,
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