Dairy and alternatives to dairy

Is it right for me?

One of the most common questions families ask me are about dairy at different points of the life cycle. Young parents often ask me how to favor milk Dairyproduction during breast-feeding and what to do when breast-feeding is impossible. People of all ages and stages of life ask me whether they should drink milk, and if so in what form. People who dislike milk or cannot drink it for health reasons often ask for help choosing alternatives to milk.

Milk isn’t good or bad per se, but it may or may not be a good match for your health and nutrition needs.

Dairy and dairy-free recipes

No matter where you stand in relation to milk, take a look at my dairy and non-dairy recipes, which include homemade kefir, yogurt, crème fraiche, crispy cheese chips and sprouted nut milk.

Learn more about dairy

Because of the complexity of the issues involved, I welcome you to read my newsletter and the FAQs focus explicitly on cow’s milk in the context of human nutrition, and human milk in the context of baby-feeding. However, for the consumer’s benefit, my milk rankings include references to other types of commonly available milk. Note that he rankings mention the complex issue of pasteurization but do not explain it in depth. Generally speaking, clean, fresh and properly handled unprocessed, unheated milk from a good source is to processed milk what breast milk is to processed dairy-based breast milk replacement products.

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