Real food for deeper healing

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Do you spend a lot of time wondering whether the foods you see in the grocery store are good or bad? If so, you may be asking the wrong question. The first question to ask is, “Is this real food?”

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Alas, much of what is packaged for sale in today’s world is not. The second question to ask is: “Is this food a good match for me right now?” Each of us has unique needs, and those needs can shift over time.

Eat, drink and be merry!

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As a nutritional therapy practitioner with a vibrant full-time practice, one of my primary concerns is helping you access the foods that will sustain your health and that of your loved ones.

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This website has grown out of my real-food and no-nonsense work with numerous clients and their families. It provides you with a collection of resources for identifying, preparing and enjoying real food. Browse through the recipes to learn more about the foods pictured above!

Make sure you check out my nutritional therapy practice to learn about my work supporting individuals, couples and families!

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