These are some of the top recipes I recommend to my clients and use in my regular food-preparation routines. 

Healthy eating isn’t about following complicated recipes. It’s about sourcing high-quality food and enjoying it with the people you love. None of the recipes here are difficult, and most of them lend themselves to modifications based on your preferences and the availability of ingredients.

Pillars of healthy eating

BrothSara's fridge

Bone broth is one of the pillars of my family’s nourishing regimen. It’s versatile, easy to make, and is deeply healing to the digestive and immune system. Entire books have been written about broth, but you can find the basics here. Learn how to store broth and integrate it into your meals. And if you have a baby or toddler, see my serving suggestions for little ones here.

Probiotic foodshomemade miso

Probiotic foods support digestive and immune function by helping keep the gut microbiota healthy. Cultured vegetables have long been used in cultures around the world.

Probiotic beverages you can easily make at home include beet kvass and kombucha.

Sauerkraut is a great addition to salads and warm soups and a wonderful side with meat and egg dishes. You can use the same process to make any number of fermented veggies.

Probiotic dairy recipes include milk kefir, raw milk yogurt and crème fraiche.

Dairy and non-dairy alternatives

Dairy is a nourishing but complicated and controversial source of nourishment. If you tolerate it well, try making probiotic homemade dairy foods such as milk kefir, raw milk yogurt and crème fraiche. Make crunchy and satisfying Parmigiano Reggiano cheese chips for the whole family to enjoy in place of processed chips and crackers. And if you cannot drink milk, try my sprouted nut milk recipe.

Bread and bread alternativesrecipes

Bread has long been a staple of many culinary traditions. Many people in this modern world feel better off gluten, or even off grains altogether. On this page you will find gluten-containing breads, gluten-free breads, and grain-free breads.

Chestnut flour flatbread is a fun and nutritious change from your ordinary breakfast or snack. My chickpea flour pizza recipe has ancient Mediterranean roots but is sure to satifsfy even the most modern of palates.


This section contains inspiration for healthy and varied snack foods. Try out the crispy cheese chips, my fun gelatin snacks recipes, split pea crackers, chicken liver paté, chestnut flour flatbread and my chickpea flour pizza.

Main dishesSummer sausage wreath!

My porcini mushroom risotto recipe is a slightly modified version of traditional Italian risotto, without the dry white wine often employed in the process.

Split pea soup makes for an easy dinner and abundant leftovers.

Don’t be afraid to improvise. The summer sausage wreath pictured to the right is a dish I made up one day by putting together fresh veggies from the farmers market and handmade sausages from our local butcher.

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